The Enneagram in the Workplace

Making the world a better place, one person at a time.

Most companies know that their most valuable resource walks out the door every night. Effective, collaborative workgroups and motivated employees are the goal of every business — happy teams are more productive and have lower turnover — but achieving that reality is often difficult.

Smart firms value emotional intelligence (EQ), recognizing that understanding oneself and others facilitates communication.  Self-awareness is the first step in professional growth. These companies help their employees flex their EQ by providing trainings in the Enneagram.

Enneagram Workshops for Business

In addition to her thirty-five years coaching and developing business, Marsha is a certified by The Enneagram in Business as a business trainer and coach. Marsha is a Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network. She helps managers build high-functioning teams by introducing the Enneagram system of personality to the group. This gives employees insight into the different personality types and the different ways that each individual sees the world. This is true “Unity in Diversity.”

With an understanding of this powerful system, employees can begin to recognize how their own personality type:

  • both supports and limits effectiveness
  • influences communication (both verbally and through body language)
  • affects how feedback is provided — and received — and conflict is managed
  • impacts career development
  • provides opportunities to enhance teamwork and collaboration

This awareness allows participants to make different choices and adjust their reactions, thereby reducing friction and increasing compassion throughout the team.

Enneagram Workshops for Non-profits

Nonprofits, while similar to for-profit businesses, have some unique dymanics. Marsha has experience working with family services and dance organizations by facilitating greater teamwork and collaboration and an increased sense of shared mission.