Transforming the Soul

Move off the “burning platform” to a vision for your future!

Many people are familiar with “life coaching,” in which a coach assists clients in developing and achieving personal goals. Like a personal trainer, a life coach focuses on helping the client improve skills and experience success in areas such as career, dating, family relationships, and money management.

A spiritual coach guides clients to consciousness, helping each individual learn new ways to deal with feelings, needs, and wants. Instead of concentrating on changing life circumstances, the spiritual coach focuses on the combined influence of heart, mind, body, and spirit on the experience of your life. Good and bad things happen to all of us — but a skilled spiritual coach can guide clients to loosen the ties the bind them and move beyond limitations to an experience of inner joy and equanimity, no matter what their external circumstances. Spiritual coaching is like midwifing personal transformation.

Note: Coaching is not therapy. The focus of therapy is how the past informs the present; the focus of coaching is to move from the present to the future.

Coaching Options

Marsha’s mission as a spiritual coach is to facilitate the growth and development of each individual’s strengths. For those who have already begun to ask themselves hard questions about their habitual patterns, she brings keen insights and a compassionate heart to the job of mentoring growth. Marsha offers the following coaching options:

Spiritual Coaching

Do you seek change and transformation? Are you ready to lead a happier, more fulfilled life? If you've already been working to free yourself from self-defeating patterns of behavior and belief, Marsha is the guide you need. She'll gently — but firmly — encourage you to move beyond current limitations and toward the growth you crave. Her valuable insights, offered with an open heart, are critical when doing the difficult work of learning to live lightly in the present.

Career Coaching

Discover your path and do work that you love! We spend so much time earning a living — shouldn't that work use your talents, harness your passion, and fill you with joy? But often it's hard to figure out exactly which career path would achieve that. If you're in a rut and plotting a career transformation, Marsha can help you find your footing.

Professional Development Coaching

Leadership is a dynamic, not static, state—and one best served by self-knowledge and personal mastery.  Do you find managing staff overwhelming?  Are you intimidated by your superiors—or intimidating to them?  Do you want to develop your career in a specific direction, but seem baffled by how to get there?  Are there aspects of your career that are frustrating or feel out of your control?  Work with Marsha to identify your strengths, work with, not in opposition to, your personal challenges, and grow into a more skilled and polished professional navigating the career path you want to be on. 

Pre-retirement Planning

Not an end, but a beginning, retirement is one of life's more neglected transitions. If you're planning your retirement, eager to see what happens next, but a little unclear how to proceed, let Marsha help you launch the next phase of your journey!

How Private Sessions Work

Most sessions meet in person at Marsha's beautiful studio. Phone or Skype sessions are also available. Using self-observation tools such as the Enneagram, inquiry, meditation, and body-based practices, Marsha will help you to become more aware of the patterns of behavior that no longer serve you. For career and pre-retirement coaching, Marsha uses other instruments to build self-awareness, such as StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FiroB, and Strong Interest Inventory.